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Made from Japanese SF Fabric

Joint Development with Japanese Manufacturers – Unitika Eleves™ Mitsubishi Plastics


  1. Artificial Blood Barrier Class 6 (JIS T8060 B standard)
  2. Anti-Virus Barrier Class 6 (JIS T8061 B standard)
  3. Antistatic Finish
  4. Chemical and Oil Repellent
  5. High Moisture Permeability
  6. High Water Resistance
  7. Thin, Soft and Comfortable


  • Tapered Seams
  • Elasticated Hood, Waist, Cuffs and Ankle
  • Chin Cover and Storm Flap Included


  • Weight : 50 g/m2
  • Tensile Strength : Warp 50N Weft 70N
  • Tear Strength : Warp 20N Weft 25N
  • Water Resistance : 2000mm
  • Moisture Permeability : 300g /m2・h

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